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10 Legal Myths That Could Get You & Your Business in Trouble…The Christine Chronicles

Hi. Dave & I are relaxing today. We get breakfast every morning- coffee, tea, croissant, bread and jam. We’ve bought some wonderful cheeses- Roquefort, Camembert and Brie. Nothing like the real thing. Yum! These pictures are our little chateau & … Continue reading

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Windsor Ruling Expands Estate Planning Prospects for Married Same-Sex Couples…Christine’s Family Wealth Secrets

Happy Monday! Word from Christine and Dave is: “Having a great time- so good to spend some quality time together OUTSIDE OF WORK. Vacations always seem to involve such drama these days. I don’t remember things being so crazy. Weather … Continue reading

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Is Sole Proprietorship Right for Your Business?…The Christine Chronicles

Hi. Christine & Dave are on vacation somewhere in France’s Loire Valley, hopefully relaxing and seeing some amazing chateaux and scenery. I’m hoping for pictures to post next time. In the meantime, I’ll be holding down the fort here at … Continue reading

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10 Keys to Planning and Living Your Best Retirement…Christine’s Family Wealth Secrets

Hello again: Life is short as will be my message today. In celebration of my soon to be half century of life, I’m taking Dave on a surprise vacation to France. Shhhhh, don’t tell as he has no idea where … Continue reading

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How to Conduct the Perfect Interview…The Christine Chronicles

Hello Again: We are back after taking another short sabbatical, Over the past few weekends, we have been traveling with family and friends. Over Labor Day to Manhattan Beach and last weekend, to Serene Lakes near Soda Springs for our … Continue reading

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