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Hi: I am working on a video series on estate planning and real estate with Local Real estate Agent Michelle Gibson with Keller Williams. Check out our short educational videos.
We will be posting every week so tune in for tips, ideas and information on what we think is top of mind for many of you!
I have also created a short video series called "Catching up with Christine" where I talk about what’s going on today and how estate planning impacts us all. Take a moment and check it out.
Introduction to our new partner series: Estate Planning & Real Estate Video Series

Why People Hate Lawyers Part 1

10 Commandments - Buyers MUST Follow

Why People Hate Lawyers – Part 2

In’s and Out’s of an HOA – Home Owner’s Association

Why You Should Always Use and Agent to Help Purchase a New Construction Home

Have You Been Hearing the Word “Forbearance”?
How the Real Estate Market has been Impacted by COVID-19

What triggers the court process probate

4 Reasons Why You Should Get PRE-APPROVED BEFORE Looking for a Home!!
More on the Pitfalls of Having a Will ONLY and how This can Land You in Probate Court
Misconceptions: How Much Down Payment is Required to Buy a Home?
Beneficiaries Receiving Assets Outright at 18
What are Contingencies?
Keeping Your Private Matters Out of Court
You Offer Got Accepted!! Now What?!?
Be Careful When Naming Beneficiaries
Appraisal: How it can Make, or Break the Deal
3 Common Mistakes in Naming Guardians
MARKET UPDATE What Was The Impact of COVID-19?
How We Work With Clients Now that the Economy is Reopening
Thinking of Moving to Another State?? …Start Here!
1 Way I’m Different than Other Estate Planning Attorneys
What Does Timing Have to do With the Loan Contingency
The Elephant in the Room – Why People Fear Going To Meet With an Estate Planning Attorney
Real Estate is STILL OPEN! Prevention Plan In Place For Buyers/Sellers & Options To Do All Virtually
Teaching & Covid-19/How Teachers/Caregivers can Create a Plan to Protect Themselves & Their Family
PRICE IT RIGHT! Thinking of Going High to Push the Market
Working With an Estate Planning Attorney/3 Ways to Safely Work With an Attorney During Covid 19

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