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An Uncertain Future… and
Protect Your Family

With A Secure Estate Plan!
By: Cava Faulkner

Cathy C.

Elk Grove, CA
After years of procrastination and a few life changes, I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time to create an estate plan. I chose Cava & Faulkner and I am so happy that I did. Christine (and staff) made what could have been a rather daunting experience, an easy one. Whatever amount of time was needed, was provided. In addition, Christine is easily accessible and open to any questions or issues that may arise on your behalf. You are free to contact them whenever the need arises. A great weight has been lifted and I can now relax knowing that a plan is in place. As a single person, this is extremely important. "Thank You" again Christine. It was a great pleasure meeting and working with you.